Facts On Six Sigma And Change Management

Managing the changes as associated with the Six Sigma process will first require managers to outline all facts appertaining to this niche. It is important for employees to know all the benefits associated with this process and that their jobs will not be in danger. The fact that this process involves replacing old practices with new practices makes it beneficial. New practices will increase workplace motivation in the long run, despite avoidance at first. Employees may not know this therefore the fact that they will be more motivated when an organization adopts a new way of doing things should be thoroughly explained to them.

Managers should organize sessions which will be used to outline to all employees the facts related to the Six Sigma changes desired. Employees should be allowed to make contributions. All contributions should be taken into consideration, as this will foster the teamwork environment essential to the Six Sigma Methodology. Employees will cooperate more with new changes when they realize that their contributions have been brought to board.

Apart from organizing formal sessions, managers can use lunch breaks to pass their messages and foster employee morale. During lunch sessions is the ideal time to hold an informal discussion with some employees on a particular issue. Discussions during informal sessions should not be serious in nature.

Changes will not be sustained just be providing all needed information to employees. The further step needed to be taken in managing changes is proving to the workforce of a particular company that the changes to be introduced have also been introduced in other companies. Employees will buy a manager’s ideas after they have shown them that the changes talked about are practically taking effect in other related companies with success.

The hardest task when all has been said and proven concerning Six Sigma training and certification is creating a lasting desire to implement the changes. The desire to see the success of a changed and improved process will be created if employers are instilled with a particular vision. An employee having a vision or a dream about the possible positive results of a particular management resolution will be motivated to work.

For a Six Sigma vision to be etched in an employee’s mind, it has to be that the employee will benefit if the vision comes to pass. In simple language, employees should be told that Six Sigma training and implementation will create financial success to the company which will in turn result in salary hikes. When an employee has the vision that by cooperating with particular changes, the company will earn more profits which will result in everyone becoming more successful, he or she will be more eager to work hard.

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